Artist: UnknownLady Gaga
Title: UnknownVenus
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bridge over a pond of water lilies // that’s what the painting’s called
tessellate/alt-j // beautiful you/the pains of being pure of heart // calico/widowspeak // interlude 2/alt-j // venus in furs/the velvet underground // coral and gold/the pains of being pure at heart // georgian orange/james supercave // fire escape/foster the people // femme fatal/the velvet underground



just a small town girl. Living in a racist, insensitive, sexist, homophobic world,

(cant take the midnight train ‘cause im fuckin scared)

Artist: UnknownArctic Monkeys
Title: UnknownWhy'd You Only Call Me When Your High
Album: Unknown
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'Respect yourself. Don’t let other people tell you who you are.'
— Mark Patterson (via wreckedsailboats)



If whats happening in Ferguson was happening to an all white community, it would be called a dystopian novel

#and all actions against the police would be heroic and daring#and the plucky white protags would be encouraged to use violence to stop the injustice